Financial Best Life with Lauren Bowling EP91

Lauren went from having a healthy shopping addiction in college to becoming an award-winning blogger, author, and personal finance expert.  That’s what happened with my next guest, but that’s just the beginning of her story and may have been the driving force behind her success.

Lauren has been blogging since 2012 and is now a recognized thought leader in the millennial finance space with her expertise featured in the pages of Redbook and Woman’s Day magazines and on leading online financial news sites including Forbes, The Huffington Post, CNNMoney and U.S. News and World Report.  In our conversation, we get into the story behind the success, and how everything hasn’t been easy and what she still struggles with today. Continue reading “Financial Best Life with Lauren Bowling EP91”

Handshaking Your Way To Success with Matt Holmes

Breaking a world record takes time, practice and a community of people that will stand behind and step up when you need them most.  That’s what our next guest Matt “Handshaking” Holmes found out when he attempted and succeeded in breaking a Guinness Book World Record for in fact shaking hands. Continue reading “Handshaking Your Way To Success with Matt Holmes”

Penny Pinching Mom Tracie Fobes EP89


Money is what drives business, so why do so many of us ignore finances until we “have to” deal with them. Well, my next guest Tracie Fobes AKA the “Penny Pinchin Mom” has some really valuable lessons we can learn about dealing with money in business and in life.

Give Every Penny A Job

Simple Right, Actually the way Tracie breaks it down it really is simple. Like for example “Give every penny a job, and tell it what it’s going to do that month. What an amazingly simple concept but it’s powerful. Of course, that’s just the beginning of her story. Continue reading “Penny Pinching Mom Tracie Fobes EP89”